Agricultural steel buildings for use in the pig industry are varied and multifaceted. Piggery housing sheds need to be designed for specific pen requirements and these we know change depending on whether the steel structure is to house weaners or sows, or whether they’ll be used as boar houses.

In addition we know that the floor layout requirements have a significant impact on the final size of the structure and this needs to be considered prior to commencing the building design.

Our team of Project Managers has worked extensively in this agricultural sector and understands the nuance differences that exist between the various housing needs.

As a result, all our agricultural buildings in this sector are specifically designed and built to your requirements, so please contact one of our dedicated Project Managers to discuss your specific needs.

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Pig Grower Pens

Location: Dundee

Project Manager: Steve Oellermann



Width: 45

Height: 2.4

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Farm Office Complex

Location: Kamberg

Project Manager: Bill Freeman-Smith


Length: 30m

Width: 12m

Height 3m


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